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Embroidery is the process of turning a graphic or text into a needle-and-thread work of art for application to a garment or other fabric item. Using state-of-the-art software and multi-head industrial  machines, embroidered designs can be simple, one-color designs, or multicolored works of intricate detail. Of all the methods of fabric embellishment, embroidery is considered to add the most sophistication and a higher perceived value to a garment.


Unique pieces and large quantities, whether it be polo shirts, caps, T-shirts, or jackets, we bring  your company logo or your slogan to its best advantage.


We embroider the front and back sides of textiles of all kinds: a slogan on the collar of a polo shirt is just as routine for us as the coat of arms on the chest or on the back of shirt and jacket. We also decorate trouser legs, caps and hats, shawls, blankets and much more!


In addition to clubs and non-profit organizations, PR and marketing agencies are also among our customers.  We expertly bring the slogan or logo of your customer onto any textile surface – guaranteed!


The process of placing an order with us is completely uncomplicated. If you would like to take advantage of the quality services of our embroidery please send a jpeg, PDF, or vector file of your artwork or logo


We also maintain our own textile web shop, where we offer a wide range of excellent garments, bags and other textiles.  These items can be found by clicking the Blank Apparel link in the menu.


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